#29 Donate clothing.

I cracked one eye open this morning, pleased to be greeted by grey skies and rainclouds. Rainy days = guilt-free sleeping in.

I’ve been trying to get around to a proper deep clean of my apartment for weeks, but every weekend has been filled with sunshine and clear skies – all attempts at adulting thwarted by more enticing options.

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#28 Buy a random gift for someone who inspires you.

I don’t go out on Friday nights often. For one, I’m a bit of a hermit. But mostly because my best friend and I pay to get our asses kicked every Friday at 6:00 by one of the fiercest women we know: our personal trainer.

It all started around the holidays last year. As I sat on my couch watching Bad Santa for the 30th time, eating pizza in my underwear, washing it down with eggnog (#killercombo), I thought to myself, “Hmmmmm. I’m pretty sure I used to be way hotter.”

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#27 Pay a stranger a genuine compliment.

While enjoying my daily morning breakfast burrito on a shady bench outside of my office, a youngish guy in a sharp suit quickly strolled past me and then halted, turned around and came back to stand in front of me. “You have incredible eyes.” I struggled to say thank you, half chewed egg and refried beans spilling out of my mouth (I’m a sexy beast). And then he nodded and walked away. Just like that.

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#26 Send yo momma some flowers.

My mother is a goddess. No, really. Anyone that meets her says this.

When I was younger, a particularly obnoxious relative told me that I would be lucky if I grew to be half the woman she was. At the time I was deeply offended. These days I know that if I even cracked the 30% mark I would still be golden.

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#25 Let go of an unhealthy relationship.

When does letting go of an unhealthy relationship become an act of kindness? When you’re both too chicken shit to pull the trigger.

Today, I let my closest friend of almost 20 years go. He was there for me throughout my chicken leg phase, braces, first (and all) heartbreaks, failed exams, skating lessons at ungodly hours, endless MSN conversations, late-night gin adventures, drunken KFC nights abroad and my broken engagement. My confidant; my rock.

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#24 Mentor a millennial.

I’m going to preface this post by disagreeing with Google on the stated years that millennials were born in:

What year are Millennials born in?

A note on dates: There is no consensus on the exact years that generations begin and end. For this post, we’ve defined millennials as those born between 1980 and 2000.

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#23 Give an impromptu pep talk.

I am absolutely wiped from the general debaucheries this weekend. I woke up feeling confused (but pleasantly surprised I was no longer sleeping on the floor of a tent) and dehydrated. Cold water literally tastes like liquid gold mixed with unicorn tears today.

Despite what looks like a week-long recovery period coming up for me, I feel incredibly lucky to have seen some absolutely amazing shows and spend time with some of  my favourite people in the world.

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#22 Let someone ahead of you in line.

I am currently writing this on a dying iPhone in a car full of what I can only describe as smelly hippies (love you guys!).

It’s been three days full of amazing performances in the sweltering heat with 35,000 inebriated youngins.

If you’ve ever been to a music festival you know there are two main modes you are constantly fluctuating between: thirsty and need to pee.

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#21 Cool someone down with a frozen treat.

It has been a hellaaaaaa hot summer in Toronto.

That’s the thing about Canadians, we bitch the entire winter about how cold and long it is, but when the heat wave hits we’re equally irritable. Unless we find ourselves on a patio with a frosty beer.

I for one say bring it on! The hotter the better (#summerdresslife). But I’m also a freak of nature who barely ever sweats (much to the dismay of my sweaty company). It’s pretty much my biggest life skill.

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#20 Sponsor a child.

A few years back, my mother began taking night classes to learn Spanish. For absolutely no reason. She had just always wanted to learn Spanish – and so she did! (She also speaks English, Polish, Russian and German. No biggie…)

During this time, her teacher introduced a friend of hers to the class, a woman who had started a charity to help sponsor children in her native country of Guatemala. She realized she couldn’t save the world, so instead, she just decided to focus on devoting her time and resources to helping the children in this one village.

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