#5 Bring in a treat for your co-workers.

As mentioned in previous posts, I am your typical, 20-something-year old corporate drone, working for a nameless large financial conglomerate. There are days where I catch myself spinning around in my swivel chair, wondering how I got here and what I’m doing with my life.

What does brighten up those days of existential crisis are my co-workers. I work with some of funniest, kindest and generally coolest people around. Whether it’s spirited breakdowns of the last Orange is the New Black episode (ahhhhh-mazing), comparing gin tasting notes, sharing weekend debaucheries or just generally shooting shit, they always brighten up cube life.

With this in mind, I swung by my local convenience store this morning and grabbed some bags of candy to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and left the bags scattered around. All day people were stopping by to grab a handful and chat.

So despite my general crustiness today on Day 5, I’m still going strong. I’m realizing that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be less of an asshole.

Total Kindness Cost: $10

When was the last time you did something nice for your co-workers?



  1. I love love love this blog.
    I started doing a random act of kindness a few years ago and do you know what happened? It became a habit. Not only that but people in my family also started to do it. My daughter started to bring gifts to homeless men on her way to work, things like warm socks and scarves, things she picked up on sale. Other daughter started volunteer work.
    Just imagine if everyone in the world thought like this?
    You are awesome!!!!!!

    • Thanks, LAA. That’s great to hear. I’m hoping it has that effect on my life and that is sticks as well (and possibly even extends to other people!).

      Really appreciate the kind words.

    • Thanks, Blair. I’ve got a few good ones up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

    • Thanks for the follow and for taking the time to leave your words of encouragement. It really keeps me going forward in my project!

    • Thanks for the follow. Seems we had a similar idea when it came to blog names. 🙂

  2. This is fun! There are guys who are doing something similar (365 days) but posting photos on social media – which seems a bit too self-publicizing for me.

    My co-workers are my guinea pigs whenever I try new recipes. They appreciate that I like to bake and I appreciate that they eat it so I don’t get stuck devouring an entire batch of cookies (or loaf of zucchini bread, or cake….).

    • Dee! I’m so pleased to see you here. I hope all is well on your end. I will check out the social media account just to see what they’re up to – thanks for pointing out.

      That’s a great idea re: new recipes. I never bake anymore because I don’t want to be stuck with a whole cake or batch of cookies. Perhaps one I will revisit with one of my own recipes.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 So nice to see your name pop up after all this time.

    • Do it up! So easy to do; but will leave you (and your co-workers) smiling all day!

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