#7 Give new parents a night off.

I’ve been residing in the same overpriced shoebox in the sky – smack dab in the middle of downtown Toronto – for the past three years now.

Over this time, I’ve watched my lovely neighbours move in together, get married and have a baby. They’ve always been great neighbours: never complaining about my dog’s incessant barking and greeting me with a friendly hello and a few words in the hallway each day.

Recently, as I lay down to get to sleep, I can hear their baby crying through the wall at odd hours of the night. It doesn’t bother me (considering I fall asleep to the sound of trains barreling down the tracks outside my window), but I do think about how hard it must be on a couple to make the adjustment of having a newborn baby.

As such, my act of kindness today is purchasing a gift card to a chain of nearby restaurants and slipping it under their door anonymously – simply with a sticker marking “Date Night” on it. I’m probably the last person who should be spewing dating advice (#singleAF), but I do think that continuing to date your spouse is integral to a happy and healthy relationship.

I would like to note that this particular act could be executed with spending zero dollars! One could just as easily offer to babysit and give new parents a night off. But considering that we are really still operating on a “hi-and-bye” basis here, I think offering to babysit their newborn would be crossing a pretttttty awkward line! 

And with this, I have completed a full week of acts of kindness.

I’m not sure that I feel different yet. I’m not sure if these acts have had any lasting effect on any of the receivers. But I do know that I will push on and complete 358 more acts. Because I am stubborn as hell.

Total Kindness Cost: $50



  1. Love this! And I love the whole idea of 365 days of kindness. God knows the world needs some right now. It would be so wonderful if this caught on. You could start a kindness movement.

    • Thanks, Fransi. Appreciate the kind words. Any feedback is also always welcome.

      Hope all is well. 🙂

      • We all miss you! Hope all’s well with you (aside from 365 days of kindness)

  2. Many, many years ago I received a ‘gift card’ in the mail from an ‘angel’. To this day, I do not know who it came from and I will never ever forget that act of kindness. 🙂

    • That makes me so happy to hear. I checked their door and it was gone an hour later.

      Thanks for sharing your own experience!

  3. This is such a great thing! As a mama of three with no family near by to help, a date night with my husband is a treasured moment in my life. This I am sure meant so much to this couple!

    • So glad to hear that. They always seem to be home so hope this gives them an opportunity for a night on the town.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  4. Love this! And might I add to this: Giving veteran parents a night off as well. I have five children, four of whom still live in the home aged 11 and under. My husband and I could always use a date night.
    I love what you are doing in general, and there need to be more people out there with your kind heart. 🙂 I will be sharing this on both my personal and writing Facebook pages.

    • This is a great point! Love this proposed amendment. Will definitely use for a future post (I do have QUITE a few to go!).

      Really appreciate the kind words and the shares. Thanks for stopping by and following. 🙂

  5. Great post! That is one of the best gifts ever–knowing they have a mystery supported instead of another neighbor complaining. The first 5 years after a child is born, a mother doesn’t sleep through the night.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’ve heard the baby the last few months so can’t imagine they’re having an easy time. I can’t imagine!

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