#15 Send someone a postcard.

Phew – sneaking this post in just under the midnight mark!

I am proud to report that I kept my phone off the entirety of my camping trip. Although my act of kindness was intended for my companions, I think in reality it also served me very well to disconnect and stay fully in the present.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, as I currently reek of a unique concoction of campfire, dirty dog, Smores and sweat. Yum! It’s bittersweet washing it away, as it signals the end of my lovely respite (although I’m sure my best friend/snuggle buddy tonight will be appreciative of me using soap for the first time in three days).

Today’s act of kindness is low cost and simple. While wandering through a nearby town in search of supplies, I spied a rack of postcards near the checkout. I for one love receiving postcards. In fact, a large portion of my fridge is covered with postcards I’ve received from friends and family on their various travels:


I wrote out today’s postcard to my 95-year-old uncle in Poland. That’s right, 95! The problem with being 95 is that most of your friends and family don’t have the same luck in longevity. Although sharp as a tack, his body is crapping out on him and since he never married (he was a professor of botany and devoted his entire life to his academia), he is now alone.

I know the postcard isn’t a cure for his loneliness, but hope it brings back some of the memories I have with him, spending hours walking around the city’s botanical gardens he founded, listening to him eloquently weave together our family history for me.

And with that, it’s time for hot water and soap! Huzzah.

Total Kindness Cost: $2 (+postage)



  1. I love sending postcards – especially to my grandparents. They are all in their 90’s so they aren’t jumping on instagram to check where I am. It’s such an authentic way to connect and I can focus each postcard on a specific person! Love!

    • I agree. And it’s not a huge effort either, a few quick words and you can really make someone’s day. 🙂

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