#17 Surprise someone with a visit.

I am a hermit. If you try and make plans with me between Monday and Friday, I will either shut you down or flake at the last minute.

Although I enjoy the company of others, I’m an introvert by nature (much to the surprise of most who peg me as an extrovert because I’m sooooooo charming…and humble). I need this time to recharge my batteries after spending all day at work playing nice and making small talk with others.

My best friend is my polar opposite. The quintessential extrovert, she would like nothing more than to be surrounded by people at all times. She also has the worst case of #fomo of anyone I know and gets understandably rattled at times when I would prefer hiding in my hermit hole over doing something social.

When I called her today and told her I would be staying in and doing laundry (#yolo), I could sense her disappointment. Disappointment I would usually shrug off and just continue on with my night. Instead, I grabbed my new backpack (obsessed), leashed up my dog, grabbed a jumbo bottle of wine and headed across the city to surprise her.

My laundry won’t get done tonight. My place is a fucking mess. There’s a strong probability that I will stay up past my bedtime. But the look on her face when I showed up at her door makes it all worth it.

Total Kindness Cost: $18



    • Thanks, Anna. Glad you enjoyed! It’s hard sometimes but definitely worth it. I always find getting out the door is the hardest anyways. Once I’m there I’m glad I made it happen. πŸ™‚

  1. Hi! fellow introvert here! Can actually relate to the time of being alone to recharge. It’s a necessity for us. But we are loyal, great friends and I definitely smiled at the thought of you surprising your bestfriend.

    • Hey fellow introvert! I agree. I may have only a handful of close friends, but I’m fiercely loyal. Glad it made you smile. She absolutely loved it.

    • Getting out the door is absolutely the hardest. It’s all gravy after that. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Clay! Glad you’re enjoying.


    • Thanks, Morgan. Your comment made me smile. I never want to write inauthentically so I’m glad it comes through for you. πŸ™‚

  2. I can definitely relate to this! I can be so bad at keeping in touch with people, I often wonder why I bother owning a cell phone… But I’ve learned sometimes you have to put aside your solitude for the sake of relationships.

    • Yes! Sorry I missed this comment before. But yes, for the sake of relationships you definitely need to make regular investments and keep up your end of the bargain. Once I’m there, I’m always happy I’m out. It’s just the getting out that is hard for me.

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