#21 Cool someone down with a frozen treat.

It has been a hellaaaaaa hot summer in Toronto.

That’s the thing about Canadians, we bitch the entire winter about how cold and long it is, but when the heat wave hits we’re equally irritable. Unless we find ourselves on a patio with a frosty beer.

I for one say bring it on! The hotter the better (#summerdresslife). But I’m also a freak of nature who barely ever sweats (much to the dismay of my sweaty company). It’s pretty much my biggest life skill.

As I hopped outside to bask in the glorious sunshine, I noticed a moving truck at the back of my building. When someone moves into their own overpriced shoebox, they must “rent” one of our security guards to monitor the move. Which essentially means an old man in a full uniform sitting on a rickety chair outside the backdoors hating his life for every minute of those two hours. And on this particularly scorcher of a day, he looked crustier than ever.

Now, I like some of my security guards more than others. This one is not a particular favourite. Never smiles; never says hi. The majority of my acts of kindness have been for people I love and complete strangers, but it takes a lot more out of me to go out of my way to be nice to someone who generally has a stick up their ass.

I looped around the building to my local Rabba – the sole purveyor of all my sustenance – and grabbed my favourite ice-cream cone (fine, I grabbed two). I then hauled my ass back up the hill to the back door and handed the frozen treat to the bristly old man. And guess what? HE DOES SMILE! Which made me smile. I felt pretty pleased as I walked away eating my own ice-cream cone.

P.S. I’m headed to Wayhome this weekend and currently have an hour to pack, wash my hair and get ready. Which means I do not have enough time to queue up tomorrow’s blog post. Which means I will attempt to post real-time from my phone. Apologies for the presumably slightly-drunken typos in advance!

Total Kindness Cost: $3




  1. i couldn’t relate more to anything than #summerdresslife. They make you look like you actually tried but it’s just a glorified tube of cloth. Loving reading these posts 🙂

    • Haha. I snorted at “glorified tube of cloth.” But what a flattering tube it is!

      Glad you’re enjoying. Thanks for taking the time to comment (and making me laugh).

  2. That guy was my father’s favorite kind of person and to free their soul to let them receive love is a beautiful gift to him and to yourself. Beautiful! And I am going to guess delicious 😉

    • Oh, so delicious! Chocolate drumstick with a peanut butter core. Yum!

  3. Today I brought flowers to one of our VPs who is happy in his unhappiness. When he saw the potted plant he said “what’s the meaning of this flower? Is this some kind of joke?” I said “Nope. I just wanted to make you happy. But I picked something that I like in case you REALLY don’t want it on your desk.” He said, to my surprise, “It does make me happy. Thank you. It made my day.” Sometimes the bristliest people just need a little love to know they are not alone. Cost: $1.99 🙂

    Thank you for writing these posts! They are very inspirational. <3

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story! Which actually inspired me for my own act of kindness coming up in the next few days.

      Love that you also got a smile out your own bristly recipient. Thanks for taking the time to comment – made my day.

      P.S. Where are you buying flowers for $1.99?!?!

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