#22 Let someone ahead of you in line.

I am currently writing this on a dying iPhone in a car full of what I can only describe as smelly hippies (love you guys!).

It’s been three days full of amazing performances in the sweltering heat with 35,000 inebriated youngins.

If you’ve ever been to a music festival you know there are two main modes you are constantly fluctuating between: thirsty and need to pee.

My act of kindness this weekend was the noblest of acts. During a particularly long line for the porta potty (#dryheave), I let the girl behind me (whose bladder was about to burst) go ahead of me. Super simple? Perhaps. Appreciated? She sure did!

And with that, I am squeezing in right before the midnight mark.



  1. hehe
    surely, the one you helped by letting them go first would surely appreciate this πŸ˜†
    kindness can be found here and there like that 😊

    • Thanks, Zodiac! I think that’s the point of my project, to find more of these spontaneous opportunities rather than planning them all out!

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