#23 Give an impromptu pep talk.

I am absolutely wiped from the general debaucheries this weekend. I woke up feeling confused (but pleasantly surprised I was no longer sleeping on the floor of a tent) and dehydrated. Cold water literally tastes like liquid gold mixed with unicorn tears today.

Despite what looks like a week-long recovery period coming up for me, I feel incredibly lucky to have seen some absolutely amazing shows and spend time with some of  my favourite people in the world.

As I was working from home today (because of my general haggardness and need to be close to water at all times), my act of kindness today was a remote one.

A colleague started a new role today in a different part of the bank and has been incredibly nervous in the weeks leading up to it. We’ve had a few chats about it, but when I saw her last week she was still more anxious than excited.

Being a recent new kid on the block myself, I had flagged her first day in my calendar to send her a quick note wishing her a good day and a list of “Quick Tips for Being a Goddamn Rockstar On Your First Day.”

She responded right away with a barrage of smiley faces and hearts. Mission accomplished. 

The further I get into this project, the more I’m finding myself looking for spontaneous acts versus elaborately planned ones; I hope to continue to have a good mix of both. I’m slowly letting go of the idea that every act needs to be a grand gesture. The small ones are just as important.

Example: My dad drove all the way to Toronto from the burbs to drop off my very excited dog back into my loving arms. Huge gesture? Not to some. Did it make a huge difference in my day? Hells yeah!

Now, if you’ll excuse me. Must continue to sleep and hydrate.


Total Kindness Cost: $0



    • It’s definitely breaking things up. I’m enjoying them! 🙂 Have a few planned ones up my sleeve this week though.

    • Thank you, Debra. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your kind thoughts! 🙂

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