#26 Send yo momma some flowers.

My mother is a goddess. No, really. Anyone that meets her says this.

When I was younger, a particularly obnoxious relative told me that I would be lucky if I grew to be half the woman she was. At the time I was deeply offended. These days I know that if I even cracked the 30% mark I would still be golden.

This woman bakes her own bread, drags my father around the world on adventures, learns different languages for fun, cooks gourmet dinners like it’s nothing (oh, let me just whip something up!), has organized her entire wine cellar by star rating – all while kicking ass at a very high-pressure job. She’s also kind. Curious. Funny. Intelligent. I could go on. I lucked out big time.

Sadly, my relationship with her hasn’t always been as close at it is now. I was a major shithead (as I’ve alluded to before) in my formative years.

I woke up today knowing exactly what I wanted to do for my act of kindness. I went online and ordered a huge bouquet of yellow flowers to be delivered to my mom’s office. Yellow flowers have always held a special place in my mom’s heart (and mine); they remind us of my grandmother who passed away a few years ago whose favourite colour was yellow.

I was on the fence about the office bit – my mother doesn’t like being the centre of attention – but I did it anyways (#yolo)! Turns out my mother was not embarrassed. She immediately sent me a picture she had demanded to be taken of her, proudly holding her bouquet of flowers. She said in the 20 years she had been working there, nobody had ever sent her flowers (I’m going to need to have a chat with my father…) and that people kept coming up to her office all day to see them. After hearing this, not even the shitstorm at work could keep me from smiling all day.

Confession: I wish I could say it’s been all fucking rainbows and sunshine these past few weeks, but it hasn’t been. I’ve wanted to give up on this project many times. But it’s days like this that make it worthwhile. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to follow along, sign up, comment, email – the support has been unexpected and incredible. 

Total Kindness Cost: $80

Have you ever been surprised with flowers or sent them to someone?



  1. How funny that you say, { I’ve wanted to give up on this project many times } .. well, not funny, you know what I mean.
    I was recently reflecting on YOU and your huge commitment of 365 days. Heck, I won’t even commit to something ‘weekly’, let alone every stinking day of the year.

    And NOW you have all us ‘followers’ looking up to you, for your next Kind Act.
    WOW! Pressure! Good for you for taking on such a chunk.

    Can you ever ‘repeat’ an act? Maybe you want to carry that container of chalk around with you. Have random fun with that.

    Thank you for your acts of kindness.
    You are doing great and you are not even close to the halfway mark. [Oh Crap, I don’t think that ended up being encouragement. ‘sorry ’bout that chief’]
    hugz, ren

  2. Thank you so much! My Mom is 89 and flowers come to mind on special occasions, but no occasion at all would seem more special and I know she would love it. First investment tomorrow’s payday is flowers for momma. She’s struggling with memory issues and something beautiful she could see and remember will be a blessing. in lak’ech, Debra

  3. I love the concept of your blog and plan to do something similar in the future on mine with the kids. Keep going. The rewards will far outweigh the effort.


  4. I am really, really enjoying your blogs and look forward to reading them every day. They make mine seem rather trivial but hey ho early days…

  5. Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman. I’m pleased she liked her flowers. 🙂

    I only ever get flowers when someone knows they’ve done something wrong. Last lot I got were from an insurance company who took money from my account AFTER I’d already told them they had the wrong bank details (mine) for their client (who isn’t me).

    I live in hope that one day someone will send me flowers because they feel like it, not because they think they have to…..

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