#29 Donate clothing.

I cracked one eye open this morning, pleased to be greeted by grey skies and rainclouds. Rainy days = guilt-free sleeping in.

I’ve been trying to get around to a proper deep clean of my apartment for weeks, but every weekend has been filled with sunshine and clear skies – all attempts at adulting thwarted by more enticing options.

Yesterday morning I was ready to clean, Windex in hand, until I got a text from one of my friends coaxing me out for lunch. Lunch turned into patio drinking; patio drinking turned into going to Caribana; Caribana turned into staying out all night.

For those of you who aren’t familar with it, Caribana is a huge festival of Caribbean culture held in Toronto each year. How big is it, you ask?


Humongous. I brought my DSLR camera with me and will share some more pictures later this week– stay tuned!

Back to #29. I used to be a bit of a shop-a-holic. A reformed one who realized she essentially cycles through the same seven outfits each week. Nonetheless, my closet is jam-packed with outfits I’ve never worn.

I went through every single item in my closet today. Three hours and four garbage bags of clothing later, I am ready to drop off my donation after the long weekend (everything is closed until Tuesday) to Jessie’s Centre, a local resource centre for pregnant teenagers, young parents and their children.

It’s a curious thing. The further I get into my project, the less I feel I need in my own life. Besides the occasional night out, I’m spending less money than I ever have; my bank account is breathing a sigh of relief.

Total Kindness Cost: $0




    • Oh. It sure does! I feel like I have more options than ever now. 🙂

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