#34 Get your fitness on.

I’ve been a lazy, lazy girl these past few weeks. The only exercise I’ve been getting is walking to the kitchen to refill my wine glass.

It’s unfortunate because I know the benefits that exercise has on my life. Did you know that there have been studies conducted proving that regular exercise can be more affective than antidepressants?

Besides being a generally happier person when I’m exercising regularly, I’m also in it for vanity reasons. I recently tried slipping on one of my pencil skirts for work, and realized it was a struggle to do up the zipper all the way. Damn you, late-night Häagen-Dazs runs.

On my way back home from work (trying not to rip my ridiculously tight skirt with each tentative stride), I stopped by the gym in my building and reactivated my membership for the month. In addition to my regular sessions with Muscle Mama, I will now be hauling my ass for circuit training 5x a week.

Luckily the instructor leading these classes is an absolute babe. He is so fit that it makes me want to never eat another slice of pizza again. (Relax. Just kidding! Pizza>boys.)

Total Kindness Cost: $150/month

What’s your favourite type of exercise? Does it help you get out of a bad mood?




  1. Yikes, I’m doing the same thing and being lazy. I love going on the elliptical and I just started rock climbing. It’s good to be kind to others, but you definitely have to learn to be kind to yourself too. Love the update!

    • I also just started rock climbing and absolutely love it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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