#36 Treat a friend to a night out (with someone else).

I’m part of a tripod: one girl best friend (Ms. E) and one guy best friend (Mr. P) make up the other two legs of our dynamic trio.

Our tripod is a little unusual in that I dated Mr. P. Long story short: it didn’t work out and we realized we were much better off as friends.

We had our awkward transition period. There were moments of shakiness as we both starting dating other people, but we got through it all with limited overdramatics.

A few weeks back I had purchased tickets for Shakespeare at High Park (a really cool outdoor theatre production in Toronto) for a date I had been planning. But as my own love life took a nose dive, his took off and he started dating a new girl.

At first I thought I would just invite Mr. P to accompany me, but realized the tickets would be of much more use to someone wanting to woo someone by packing up a picnic, cuddling up and drinking whiskey out of a flask under the stars (whilst pretending to enjoy Shakespeare, of course).

So as my #36 act of kindness, I treated my ex to a night out with his new lady friend.

P.S. They had a great time.

Total Kindness Cost: $50



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