#37 Send an old friend a birthday message.

Oh, Facebook.

I want to delete you, but I simply cannot give you up. Mainly because you are the sole reason I remember anyone’s birthday – and for general lurking purposes, of course.

Today, as I did a quick Facebook scan of who is humble bragging about getting engaged/married/knocked up (gag/gag/gag), the usual “Blah blah and 2 others have birthdays today. Let them know you’re thinking about them!”  popped up, and included a name I hadn’t thought of in years.

Instead of ignoring this reminder, I took five minutes to craft a message, sprinkled with some old memories and general pleasantries. I topped it off with some fat cat emoticons and voila! Away into the the abyss it went.

I got a really nice message a few hours later, letting me know what a pleasant surprise my message was.

Total Kindness Cost: $0

When was the last time you sent someone you hadn’t spoken to in a while a Happy Birthday message? Whatchu waiting for?!?



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