#38 Run a boring errand for someone.

I am the queen of pointless to-do lists. Once I’ve transcribed all the tasks I’ve been avoiding for weeks (sometimes months) – paying bills, picking up dry cleaning, visiting the dentist etc. etc. – the list inevitably gets shoved to the bottom of my purse, never to see the light of day again.

I find these seemingly simple tasks agonizing to ever get around to. Adulting is just not for me.

My act of kindness may not seem major to you if you are a functioning adult (kudos to you!). But if you are still avoiding adulting as vehemently as I am, perhaps the selflessness of this act will hit home as you avoid your own alarming to-do list.

Today, I went to the jeweler. Not for myself, but for a friend. She recently broke the clasp on a necklace I had purchased for her and could not find the time to drop it off somewhere to be fixed. So I offered to drop it off for her (which included an awkward 10 minutes of me trying to clumsily untangle aforementioned necklace).

It was fairly painless and it made her day a little easier. It may have even motivated me to tackle some items on my own list…if I can find it.

Act of Kindness: $0

When is the last time you ran a random boring errand for someone?



  1. Keep ’em coming. I love reading these beautifully written little posts that give me a tiny jolt of happiness every day. Thanks so much.

    • Thanks, Cindy. Comments like this mean more to me than you can imagine!

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