#39 Save someone from taking a selfie.

I live in a fairly tourist-heavy spot in Toronto right beside the Skydome and CN Tower (if you ever refer to it as the Rogers Centre, we judge you!).

Living in this particular part of Toronto, I either ignore or grumble at tourists. There are just so many of them and they usually make my walk home twice as long as I try and navigate my way through big groups and people abruptly stopping in the middle of the sidewalk (seriously, who does that?).

On my usual dog-walking route there is a spot where tourists oftentimes stop – sometimes even hopping out of their car – to grab a photo of both these iconic landmarks.

As I was finishing up my last walk of the day, I saw a group of women up ahead, struggling to capture all their faces in the frame of an awkwardly-positioned selfie. Clearly, non-adopters of the selfie stick.

I walked up to them and offered to take the shot. They handed over their phone immediately and I took a wide array of shots so each lady could select the one she looked best in and inevitably post to all social media. We then chatted a bit about their visit to Toronto, I gave some local recommendations and off I went!

One less selfie exists in the universe because of me; it’s been a good day.

Bonus Tidbit: If you’re from Toronto, you never pronounce the last “t” it’s actually more like “Torono”
Bonus Tidbit #2: I totally ate funnel cake with Drake once

Total Kindness Cost: $0




  1. Followed your lead and took a photo of people at their restaurant table! You’re a real inspiration to me, thank you.

    • Yay!!! This comment put a huge smile on my face. One less selfie in the world because of us. 😎

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