#40 Mail a birthday card.

I acquired a penpal while visiting a friend in London, England, two years ago.

We hit it off as friends immediately: I, a fan of his English accent and horn-rimmed glasses, he, amused by my Canadian charm and “killer” dance moves. We bonded over copious amounts of vodka, all-night dance parties, midnight bike rides and slurred promises of bringing back the dying art of letter writing.

And then, much to everyone’s surprise, we actually did it. For the past two years we have been sending each other letters, funny cards, doodles and even some attempted arts and crafts projects. It always brightens my day when I spy a brown envelope with chicken-scratch writing in my mailbox after a long day at work.

The last few months have been busy on both our ends and we’ve become less regular in our mailings. Every time I sit down to scribble down a few words, some other more pressing task distracts me and it inevitably gets pushed to the end of the queue of things I need to get around to.

But with my lovely penpal’s birthday coming up next week, I made it a priority today to go out, find a ridiculous card, scribble down an equally ridiculous message and drop it into the mailbox before I had a chance to put it off again.

I also decided it has been too long since I last enjoyed really good Indian takeout and proper English tea, so after sending off the card, I logged into Expedia and quickly booked a trip to visit in October before I could change my mind.

Total Kindness Cost: $10

When was the last time you received or sent a birthday card via snail mail?



  1. I love sending proper birthday cards- sent one to my daughter this week, one that that I bought in London (card not daughter) and posted from France. It’s not a big thing out here. I totally loathe e-cards for birthday and Christmas – those oh so twee sugary ones even if the thought is kind. That makes me horrible I guess…

    • Haha. I laughed at the (card not daughter) part. 🙂 I also loathe e-cards; no judgement here.

  2. I always send (and receive) birthday cards by snail mail. It’s not a proper card unless you can look at it without switching on a phone/tablet/laptop/desktop. 🙂

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