#41 Hide money at the dollar store.

I am going to begin this post by inserting a not-so humble brag. When I first submitted my Thought Catalog article I was excited at the possibility of being posted. As it currently stands, my article has been shared 368 times! I cannot even begin to describe how unbelievably awesome that feels. Thank you for all those who took the time to read and share. 

Today’s act began with a standard trip to the dollar store to replenish my dwindling army of bobby pins. This image sums up my relationship with bobby pins quite perfectly:


With fresh pack of bobby pins in hand, I began to make my way to the cash register and happened to walk through the toy aisle. It brought back memories of when I was a young lass, clutching my $5 allowance, strutting like a badass at the dollar store.

I reached into my purse and grabbed $20 worth of bills and change, and strategically placed it throughout the toy section. I hope that some kid gets to feel like a baller because of me today.

Total Kindness Cost: $20




  1. ….and then the mom makes the child turn the money into the clerk as lost and found….(just kidding) Clever idea. I use to leave pennies at the pony machines in stores. ren

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