#42 Spoil your [insert pet type].

My dog has been there with me through it all. She’s better than most humans I know: loyal, always listens, best cuddle buddy, never judges or criticizes, always happy to see me and appreciates the simple things in life. She also eliminates the need for a vacuum cleaner: she just hoovers everything up.

I try and spend as much time as I can with my dog, but oftentimes feel guilty during the summer when I leave her for an evening of frolicking and general merriment.

But every night when I come home, she’s there waiting, wagging her tail and ready to spoon up a storm. Because I’m irritated by most of the humans around me at this particular moment, today’s act is for her.

I decided to plan out a perfect day for my dog, as follows:

  • Bake up a storm of home-made bacon fat doggy treats
  • Hour-long belly rub (my hand is still numb)
  • Crazy hallway runs
  • Doggy playdate with the dreamy cocker spaniel from the 26th floor
  • Pair of dirty socks to play with (the grosser the better!) 

I had a few more things planned out, but this was the point where she blissfully passed out:



P.S. She woke up a few hours later, proceeded to chew up my $90 bra beyond recognition and then went right back to sleep. Ungrateful bitch!

Total Kindness Cost: $10 (for treat ingredients)

When is the last time you pampered your pet? 



    • She loves that thing – hehe. I concur. We should all have fur beds (and hour-long belly rubs)!

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