#44 Write someone a thank-you card for a kind act.

I am most definitely not a morning person. I roll out of bed at the last possible moment, inhale a pot of coffee, slap on some makeup, tie my hair up haphazardly, drag my dog outside for a quick walk and inevitably arrive at work 10 minutes late each day (#employeeoftheyear).

On this particular morning, I had every intention of arriving at work early (or at least on time) to greet my new manager. As I finished up a brisk walk with my dog, I absentmindedly opened up the garbage chute to throw out the poop bag I had been holding,

I heard a clanging sound. It took me a few moments to realize that I had thrown my keys (and $100 access FOB) down the garbage chute and was still holding a bag full of crap.

Have you ever observed the moment when a small child falls down and there is a pause as they look around, deciding whether they are going to cry or simply get up and brush themselves off?

To my credit, I decided not to burst out in tears, despite realizing that my spare key was with a friend and that I was locked out of my condo. Still, continued rolling.

I walked to the concierge’s desk and serendipitously the Superintendent was there. As I explained the moronic thing I had just managed to do, the Super nodded and smiled. Apparently I was not the only idiot in the building. He did warn me that 95% of the time, the keys were irretrievable in the ginormous dumpster the garbage chute leads to.

So off we went into the belly of my building to the “Refuse Room.” (Because apparently they couldn’t just call it the “Garbage Room.“) With a smile, he opened up the dumpster, put on a glove and began rummaging through (I aided with my iPhone flashlight). Suddenly, we heard a clang. With one fell swoop, he pulled his hand out of the dumpster and with a giant “Wooo!” revealed my keys clutched in his hand.

I wanted to hug the shit out of him but thought this may be crossing Super/tenant boundaries – so decided instead to buy him a Tim Hortons gift card and leave a thank-you card.

I really think the act of kindness here was on his end; that dumpster smell will haunt my dreams for a lifetime.

P.S. Doused my keys in hand sanitizer. Repeatedly.

Act of Kindness: $20



  1. LMAO!! You just described my worst nightmare. I will now make sure that my keys are safely put away in my handbag BEFORE I go to the garbage shute.glad you had a happy ending.

    • I’ve “almost” done it a few times and always chuckled to myself about how moronic it would be to actually have it happen. Le sigh! I will also be using the handbag (or back pocket) method from now on! I’m also glad it worked out and that I didn’t flip out about it. Yay, self growth!

  2. Everyone loves a thank you note. I think it is one reason my 30 Days of Thanks posts (which I write daily in November) are some of my most popular.

    • I always save thank-you notes I get. Such a great idea for a series – very honoured to be a part of it! 🙂

  3. WOW I love thise page already, you are so talented!So thankful you came across my blog because had you not I wouldnt have come across yours thank you! Keep up the inspiration 🙂

  4. I do this! (I am also amazed, this is my second comment in one day!) I carry note cards on me for this exact reason. I don’t often have cash to drop, but I can always pick up a pack of note cards at the dollar store and take a couple of minutes to write someone a thank you. I often give away flowers if they are on sale, but note cards I can always hand out. They also don’t wilt in my bag.

  5. I make hand made greeting cards and always keep some Thank You cards ready for use. Your building super certainly deserved a thank you 🙂 though I’m sure he didn’t necessarily expect to get one. Isn’t there an expression, “One kind turn deserves another”? https://gracelead.co

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