#46 Reach out to someone going through a tough time.

My cousin had a baby two years ago and I had the honour (and terror) of being asked to be the godmother. After many reassurances that there would be no way I would end up the sole caretaker of this human life even if a freak accident were to befall her and her husband (*knock on wood*) – and that this was merely a symbolic title and role – I nervously accepted.

I love my goddaughter. I really do. She’s fucking adorable. But my cousin is a total helicopter mom. With a six-hour time difference between us, my phone would often blow up in the middle of the night with up-to-the-minute updates on every suspicious poop, sniffle, hiccup and bump.

We tried our best but slowly began to drift apart. Her, busy cleaning projectile baby vomit off her clothes; me, still living like a degenerate, subbing in boxed wine for most meals. 

I know she’s been going through a particularly hard time recently. Juggling the responsibilities of being a young mom with running a business WHILE building a house (makes me feel better about my own to-do list). So I woke up, cracked open my computer and sent a looooooong overdue e-mail. She answered almost instantly – letting me know that my name popping up in her inbox was quite literally the highlight of her week.

Much to my surprise, she also provided some sage wisdom on some of the frustrations I’ve recently been experiencing in my own life. I instantly realized how much I’ve actually missed her.

I feel like a pretty big asshole for not being a better godmother and friend; I realized today that I need to make a much bigger effort. And I know that I will.

Total Kindness Cost: $0

Is there anyone in your life going through a hard time you haven’t talked to in a while? 



    • Thanks, Deena! Appreciate you taking the time to leave your kind words. 🙂

  1. I love your challenge. You are so intentional about it. Makes me reflect on how well I live my values. I have been more reactive and respond when opportunities arise rather than creating them.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I try and mix it up between intentional and reactive, but there’s definitely a deep satisfaction from the situations where I create my own opportunities. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  2. Right after reading this post I got a random text from I friend of mine saying that she’s thinking about me and the tough time I’ve been going through with my divorce. It got me in the feels. Was definitely the highlight of my day.

    • Oh wow. Isn’t it weird when things like that happen? Reading that gave me goose bumps.

      Just reinforces the fact that a small “hey how ya doing?” can go such a long way when someone is going through a rough times. Sending warm thoughts your way!

  3. Yes, actually, there is someone in my life going through challenging times.. Thank you, I will shoot her an email right now. ren

    • That’s awesome to hear, Ren. (Not that she’s going through the challenging time; the email!)

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