#47 Pick up trash.

I once went on a Tinder date with a perfect 10: tall, handsome, funny doctor. Everything was going swimmingly until I observed in slow-motion horror as he casually threw a plastic water bottle onto the ground…five feet away from a garbage can.


If you carelessly leave your garbage in public places, flick cigarette butts onto the sidewalk or toss empty bottles out of your car – you are quite simply an asshole. A lazy one at that.

I’m particularly rattled by the litter that accumulates on the patch of grass that I walk my dog across each day. Because of its proximity to the Skydome, there’s always a steady stream of drunk frat boys using it as a convenient spot to pre-drink and consequently throw their beer cans and pizza boxes everywhere but the garbage can.

This morning, I got my heaviest duty plastic gloves on, grabbed a garbage bag and off I went. Although I got some raised eyebrows from passerbys – presumably wondering which petty crime I committed to merit this type of community service – I was pretty pleased with how good it looked when I was all done!

P.S. My dog was not as pleased with me. Her favourite part of the day is hoovering up leftover pizza when I’m not looking…

Total Kindness Cost: $0



  1. It’s so great that you took action. Sometimes we say we are going to do something honorable but don’t because it takes time or is messy, or whatever other excuse we come up. Good for you. (Hope you threw that guy to the curb!)

    • Thanks, JB. Nah – I threw him right in the trash! (Couldn’t resist!)

  2. Flowing love to your homely space..a loving thing to do. We have a team of volunteers where I live and we all potter about picking up rubbish, especially on the beach. I have bought myself a long handled picker….so now I look the part and boy it saves much bending. It’s all love isn’t it? <3

    • That’s amazing! A long handled picker would definitely come in handy. That’s awesome that you do that on a regular basis. Thanks for continuing to read and leave your lovely comments – I always enjoy reading them so much!

  3. This post just made my morning, you have a great sense of humor! Back at my high school and middle school, it became the norm for students to just toss their food on the ground even though there were garbage cans practically everywhere. This led to us having the world’s worst seagull infestation. At least I won’t have to worry about litterbugs when I go to university! Hopefully.

    • I’m glad it made your morning! I love hearing that.

      Also, that sounds horrifying. Seagulls freak me out in general.

  4. Lovely thing to do. Every weekend when I walk with my little dog I see quite a bit of rubbish too that people have left on the way home from a drunken night out – I take a little bag and pick it up too…it’s my little bit to help the area look clean.

    • That’s pretty awesome of you! I’m hoping to make it a more regular thing as well. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. My friend and I would pick up trash when we took her dog for a walk. Then we got the village to put a few trash cans out for people to use. They did use them, for the most part. ren

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