#48 Apologize first.

I don’t argue often with friends, but when I do, I tend to self-righteously dig my heels into the ground and stubbornly wait for an apology.

One of my oldest friends did something pretty slimy last week and I caught wind of it right before a particularly stressful Monday at work. (Note to real-life friends: Mondays are not prime days for bad news deliveries. K, thanks.)

So I decided to take the mature course of action and drunkenly call him out on being a jerk through a barrage of rapid-fire text messages. As you may have guessed, this only exacerbated the situation further.

And then the waiting game began. Me, stewing over the original transgression; him, equally rattled by my admittedly juvenile reaction.

I woke up this morning and realized that I was letting my pride and general stubbornness put a decade-long friendship in jeopardy. This is someone who has always stood by my side. When I couldn’t afford to pay my university tuition one year, he lent me the money from his personal savings –  with absolutely no hesitation.

I decided to apologize first. We talked. We squashed it. We both felt better.

Would he have eventually come around? Yup.
Was this the better course of action? Absolutely. 

Life is short and good friends are hard to find. Besides, anyone willing to put up with my shit for over a decade deserves a free pass from time to time.

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  1. This is so true! What a beautiful post and a beautiful friend you have. I can’t believe he funded your tuition without question. The world is full of wonderful people of you look for them. <3

  2. This is something I really need to work on. I’m really bad at apologising. I always think I’m right. 😂

    Well done for taking the best course of action, it can be a really hard thing to do!

    • It’s hard to put your side to the pride – but once you break past it, you always feel like a better person for it.

      P.S. Pft. I KNOW I’m always right.

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