#50 Cheer up someone having a rough week.

I will preface this by saying that I wasn’t planning on writing this post. It has been one of the hardest and most disappointing weeks of my life, and all my energy has been spent just trying to roll out of bed in the morning and put pants on.

Rather than turning this into a forum to air my grievances, I will tap into the lyrical angst of an artist many of you may (begrudgingly) remember, Limp Bizkit. “Its just one of those days / Where you don’t want to wake up / Everything is fucked / Everybody sucks.” Thank you, Fred Durst. Indeed they do.

Needless to say, I haven’t been my usual charming self at work. I sit; I stew; I drink coffee; I go home. This morning, I arrived at the cube of doom, dreading another 8 hours of staring blankly at my computer screen, to find this:


(If you can’t tell from the picture, that is a giant ass red velvet cupcake with real buttercream icing.)

One of my colleagues who has a general overview of some of the recent events in my life, decided to try and cheer me up by buying me sugar (always a good idea) and leaving me the sweetest card. There was one part in the card that made me burst out crying, “You are a lovely person; inside and out. Good things are on the way!

I don’t know this person well so it was completely unexpected. This probably set her back $10 and 10 minutes in her day, but for me, it was the turning point in my week.

P.S. Full disclosure: Totally inhaled that cupcake for dinner. 

Total Kindness Cost: ??



    • I totally do! The funny thing is, I totally misjudged this co-worker when I first met her…

  1. I love Fred Durst. That song has been my mantra many, many times. I don’t know you, but I’ve got a hug for you if you need it.

    Side note: Every day is a struggle to put on pants. Or maybe I just hate them. Have you tried wearing superhero pajama pants? I find that helps. Or cupcake pants? Omg, do you think we can find cake ones??

  2. My best friend sent me a care package last week, it included a Cosmo magazine and chocolates, and other miscellaneous happy, happys. It made my rough week amazing!

    • Oooooh – I may “leverage” that idea! I love that.

      You have a great bestie! 🙂

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