#58 Donate to a cause you believe in.

I am obsessed with bulldogs (and micro pigs in rain boots).

I have an Instagram account for the sole purpose of sending and receiving photos of bulldogs – the fatter and wrinklier the better!

On this deliciously lazy long-weekend Sunday morning, while sifting through the onslaught of #justmarried photos invading my Instagram feed, I stumbled across the Road Dogs and Rescue Instagram. This is a one-woman rescue based out of Los Angeles, dedicated to helping the “lovable lemons” of the canine world.

The photos made me cry like a chump into my morning coffee; stories of bulldogs being abandoned due to their plethora of health issues. I looked down at my own dog laying comfortably curled at my feet and then picked her up (much to her annoyance) and hugged the shit out of her for the next half hour.

My dog was given up when she was two, and it was a long, slow road to get her to where she is today. When I took her in she was not housebroken, reeked of mothballs and was terrified of people. She’s still a sensitive baby five years later, but she is also a happy and energetic dog, full of love, loud burps and slobbery kisses.

I can’t fathom a situation where abandoning your furry family member is okay; it’s something I will always feel very strongly about.

As my act of kindness, I made a donation to Road Dogs and Rescue and will continue supporting them throughout the year.

P.S. Happy Labour Day weekend to my fellow Canadians; hope you have more generous friends with cottages than I do!

Total Kindness Cost: $30



    • I work for a financial conglomerate; need to balance it out somewhere. 🙂 That’s great that you have chosen such a (presumably) fulfilling field to work in.

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