#61 Leave an anonymous gift for someone you dislike.

I hate whiners.

In fact, I dislike complaining so much that my favourite colleague (and cube mate) Mr. B and I have an official complaint jar, where we must contribute $1 for any time we feel inclined to grumble about something.

(We plan to take the accumulated money and purchase an elite fleet of ice-cream trucks, which will be so wildly successful that they will fund our retirement from the financial salt mine so we can spend the rest of our days drinking piña coladas out of solid-gold coconuts on our private Balinese beach. Dream big or go home, kids.)

One of my colleagues who sits on the other side of my less-frequented wall, is the quintessential whiner. She spends all day sitting at her desk, bitching about anything and everything; it’s a wonder she ever gets any work done. A generally unhappy person; she brings down and infects the atmosphere of the entire floor.

Acts of kindness for those we love come easily; acts of kindness for others, not so much. On my way to work today, I decided to stop by the local bakery, pick up her favourite donut (which seems to be the only source of happiness in her life) and leave it on her desk.

I kept my head down as she came in; she muttered something under her breath; followed by an assortment of chewing sounds.

I foolishly thought that maybe this would slow down her roll for the day – but alas, as soon as the donut had been consumed, I heard, “Did you hear about…? What a bitch!

Oh well. I plugged in my headphones, put on my favourite Spotify covers playlist and happily hummed away the morning.

Total Act of Kindness: $3



    • That’s actually really cool to hear that! (Now I’m curious, haha! Hope it’s a good response.)

      Thanks for sharing out and continuing to follow along. 🙂

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