#62 Leave an anonymous gift for someone you like.

See what I did there?

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, after bequeathing a donut upon an undeserving recipient, I decided to dedicate today’s act to a colleague I actually like.

This colleague is also coincidentally a blogger, hoping to retire on the imminent success of a mini-van majority romance novel she has been crafting. She may actually be more disgruntled with her job at the financial salt mine more than I am, and know that she’s been overwhelmed by the idea that she has “sold out” and become just another cog in the corporate wheel.

I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again. Elizabeth Gilbert is my spirit animal, and “Big Magic” has been instrumental in keeping me sane about my own 9-5 corporate realities.

On my lunch hour I swung by Chapters, picked up a copy and left it on her desk with a post-it, “Read this; hope you love it as much as I did.” I don’t know what happened when she discovered it as I spent the rest of my day at an off-site meeting, but I almost like it better that way.

Total Kindness Cost: $0



  1. I used to leave little notes and drawings on my friend’s desk in class. She sat next to me and sometimes she would have nervous breakdowns so she’d just stomp out of the classroom and come back later. It always worried me and I didn’t want her to feel alone so I left little things in her binder without saying a word or writing my name on them. She really appreciated them.

  2. You, young lady, are very clever. I pick uo this idea from your posts, it is the little acts of caring for others that make huge differences in their lives-at least some of the time and with some folk. I wish you success in being able to become independent from the working for others world. I still reading your posts daily. Reg

    • Thanks for hanging in, Reg. It pleases me that you continue to read!

      (I also enjoy being called clever.)

  3. I love your blog. It gives me the same feeling I used to get reading the Good Deed Feed column of the Metro in London (I’m on maternity leave so I don’t get to read it anymore). That column used to make me well up every day.

    • I’ve never heard of the Good Deed Feed but what a cool concept! Was it just a little blurb people could submit? Catchy name – wish I had been more clever with my own blog name.

      Thanks for stopping by and so happy you’re enjoying it!

    • I highly recommend “Big Magic,” I may actually like it more than “Eat Pray Love.”

      Did you hear Liz Gilbert’s news?

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