#67 Stick $5 in a library book.

When I was in Grade 3, my teacher announced a contest which combined the two greatest loves of my life: pizza and reading (it would be several years before wine bumped both down the list to claim top spot). For every 10 books I read, I would be rewarded with a coupon for a personal-pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Life was good.

I rose to the challenge immediately, stopping by the library on the way home for my first haul of books. After tearing through The Baby-Sitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High, I moved onto the classics: Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist, To Kill a Mockingbird. My love of reading ignited by my pizza mania, I was devouring multiple books a day.

Much pizza was consumed that year. I may have been the sole reason that Pizza Hut did not renew their partnership with my elementary school the following year.

A few things have changed since then: I now prefer Domino’s pizza (extra cheese, onions and mushrooms, please!), my heart no longer pitter patters at the sight of a well-executed mushroom cut and instead of frequenting the library, I now spend copious amounts of money like a chump at Chapters.

So finally, after living for three years in Toronto, I finally got a library card – yippee! To commemorate this pivotal moment in my adulthood, I left this in the amazing book I will be returning later this week:

Total Kindness Cost: $5

Pssssst. I’ve updated the current books I’m reading. Check out my goodreads account and add me as a friend! 



  1. I love this one! I’ve been a library addict since the third grade. I would be living in a cardboard box under a bridge if I had to buy everything I read. The best card in your wallet is your library card. It’s the only card that gets you stuff for free!

    • Ha-ha. I’m pretty sure I would be living in a cardboard box very soon if I kept up this habit. 🙂 I got a kindle to try and avoid buying so many books but nothing beats the experience of reading a real book for me!

  2. This is such a cool blog! if you use any other social media sources (twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook) let me know so we can connect 😘

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