#69 Leave a hot fudge sundae on someone’s desk.

Recent weeks at the financial salt mine have been particularly stressful as we approach year-end – always a flurry of activity for those who have made the unfortunate decision of selling their soul to a bank.

One of my favourite gems at work is a 50-something year old colleague with wild blonde hair, a fierce shoe collection and a weakness for hot fudge sundaes (extra peanuts!). She walks in each day with a big smile on her face and walks out each night on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Her job, quite simply, sucks. Lots of pressure; no recognition; no support.

After a soul-crushing meeting where she got her ass handed to her by a particularly abrasive executive with a penchant for cheap cologne and copious amounts of hair gel keeping his combover precariously intact, I decided that she deserved today’s act of kindness. I peered out the window and breathed a silent, “Yesssss!” under my breath as I spied a sight that made my heart pitter patter: an ice-cream truck.

As I made my way down the street, the ice-cream truck started pulling away. One does not know the strength of one’s perseverance (or calves) until one has run down the street in stilettos and a pencil skirt.

Luckily, the kind ice-cream truck owner took pity on my lack of coordination, speed  and inappropriate footwear, and stopped at the end of the street.

Upon returning to the office, she was on what I can only imagine to be another soul-sucking conference call. I left the sundae on her desk. She mouthed “THANK YOU!” and enjoyed every last spoonful of that half-melted sundae. That night, she walked out of the office minus the nervous breakdown (presumably still on a sugar high).

P.S. FOUR DAY COUNTDOWN TO CHICAGO! Holler if you have any recommendations!

Total Kindness Cost: $4.50
Current Jam: Diamond Eyes – Lexi Strate



  1. “Her job, quite simply, sucks. Lots of pressure; no recognition; no support.” So familiar! Sheesh! You really summed up my reasons for early retirement. You are living proof that a little kindness goes a long way. When will management learn that jobs don’t need to suck.

    • Woo hoo for early retirement! No woo hoos for your crappy pre-retirement. Are you out now?

      • Retired June 3rd. Lost 25 lbs of stress weight in three months. Learning to cook and to write. It’s nice to invest my creativity in something other than Excel spreadsheets.

  2. Thank you so much for this blog. Not only are your kindnesses a lift to the heart, but your snappy writing style is a treat to read. What kinds of recommendations are you after for your trip to Chicago?

    • Thank you! I’m so flattered when someone enjoys following.

      I’m looking for any touristy/food/going out recommendations! I want it all!

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