#71 Make (and deliver) a sick friend homemade soup.

First thing’s first: Chicago was AMAZING! I loved it all: from lazy afternoons drinking Prosecco on the back of a boat to stuffing our faces with deep-dish pizza and pulled pork sandwiches to dancing to old Madonna songs until 5 a.m. with our new friends from Omaha, it was the perfect birthday trip.

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Happy birthday to me!

I am currently enjoying my 29th birthday in the Windy City, taking in the sights and eating my weight in deep-dish pizza. I can’t imagine a better way to ring in “the last good year of my life.” (Just kidding. Kinda.)

A few years ago, on the heels of breaking off my engagement just a month before my non-refundable wedding, I did what any 26-year old going through an existential crisis would do: I went out with my best friend for $3 shots at a seedy university club.

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#68 Support a street musician.

Have you ever read the story about classical violinist Joshua Bell that went viral a few years ago?

If you haven’t, the Cole’s notes are as follows: big-time violinist appears incognito on a subway platform in Washington, two days after playing a sold-out show. In the 45-minutes he plays, only 6 people stop to enjoy (most notably, it is children who are most interested). He pockets $32. No applause.

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#65 Tell someone how you feel.

I’ve been obsessing over Cheryl Strayed’s “Tiny Beautiful Things” for the last few weeks. You may be already familiar with her name because a) you don’t live under a rock like me; or b) you’ve watched “Wild” – featuring America’s favourite potty-mouth DUI darling, Reese Witherspoon – based on Cheryl’s 2012 memoir.

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#64 Show up (even when you don’t want to).

I try and avoid “organized fun” as vehemently as I can. This includes (but is not limited to) any type of “shower,” child’s birthday party or pre-wedding event.

I have developed a theory around this: I spend so much time in an uptight corporate environment, struggling not to completely lose my shit, that my free time outside of the financial salt mine is sacred to me.

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#63 Offer to do a favour for a friend.

I learned three important lessons this week:

  1. Never trust your hairdresser when she suggests a perm (#firstworldproblems).
  2. No good idea ever started with six tequila shots.
  3. I have wonderful friends.

Millennial decided to peace out on a “personal leave” (after dropping a barrage of f-bombs and crass remarks on the way out), leaving me drowning in her work for the foreseeable future. Already grappling with my hair resembling an electrocuted 80s poodle, I started off the week strong with a night of debauchery that resulted in a crippling 24-hour hangover.

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#62 Leave an anonymous gift for someone you like.

See what I did there?

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, after bequeathing a donut upon an undeserving recipient, I decided to dedicate today’s act to a colleague I actually like.

This colleague is also coincidentally a blogger, hoping to retire on the imminent success of a mini-van majority romance novel she has been crafting. She may actually be more disgruntled with her job at the financial salt mine more than I am, and know that she’s been overwhelmed by the idea that she has “sold out” and become just another cog in the corporate wheel.

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#61 Leave an anonymous gift for someone you dislike.

I hate whiners.

In fact, I dislike complaining so much that my favourite colleague (and cube mate) Mr. B and I have an official complaint jar, where we must contribute $1 for any time we feel inclined to grumble about something.

(We plan to take the accumulated money and purchase an elite fleet of ice-cream trucks, which will be so wildly successful that they will fund our retirement from the financial salt mine so we can spend the rest of our days drinking piña coladas out of solid-gold coconuts on our private Balinese beach. Dream big or go home, kids.)

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#60 Say hi to everyone in the elevator.

I live on the 30th floor; which results in a lot of time spent struggling to get cellphone reception for just one more round of Candy Crush to kill time in the achingly slow building elevators. More often than not, one of the elevators is down, resulting in the remaining two elevators resembling a can of packed disgruntled sardines during the morning rush.

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#57 Befriend a stranger.

I’m on Day 6 of my sugar/alcohol detox – and other than a brief moment of shortbread cookie weakness – I’ve been going strong.

The problem with this lifestyle change is that it severely stunts your social life. During this last month of warm weather, my friends are understandably preoccupied with patio hopping and boozy nights out. Alas, I have been finding other ways to keep myself preoccupied.

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