#64 Show up (even when you don’t want to).

I try and avoid “organized fun” as vehemently as I can. This includes (but is not limited to) any type of “shower,” child’s birthday party or pre-wedding event.

I have developed a theory around this: I spend so much time in an uptight corporate environment, struggling not to completely lose my shit, that my free time outside of the financial salt mine is sacred to me.

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#55 Leave cookies for your neighbours.

I’ve started a 30-day no sugar/alcohol challenge (because apparently I’m a masochist), so I am craving allllllllll the foodz right now.

So I wanted nothing more than to give someone the gift of refined sugar and empty calories my deprived pleasure receptors are craving so badly. I don’t know most of my neighbours, just friendly “hellos and goodbyes” and casual banter, but there’s a new couple that moved in just two doors down. (Disclaimer: I am 99.9% sure they’re a couple because they are way too good looking and well dressed to be straight. Seriously, they look like they just stepped out of my Pinterest board.)

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#50 Cheer up someone having a rough week.

I will preface this by saying that I wasn’t planning on writing this post. It has been one of the hardest and most disappointing weeks of my life, and all my energy has been spent just trying to roll out of bed in the morning and put pants on.

Rather than turning this into a forum to air my grievances, I will tap into the lyrical angst of an artist many of you may (begrudgingly) remember, Limp Bizkit. “Its just one of those days / Where you don’t want to wake up / Everything is fucked / Everybody sucks.” Thank you, Fred Durst. Indeed they do.

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#48 Apologize first.

I don’t argue often with friends, but when I do, I tend to self-righteously dig my heels into the ground and stubbornly wait for an apology.

One of my oldest friends did something pretty slimy last week and I caught wind of it right before a particularly stressful Monday at work. (Note to real-life friends: Mondays are not prime days for bad news deliveries. K, thanks.)

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#46 Reach out to someone going through a tough time.

My cousin had a baby two years ago and I had the honour (and terror) of being asked to be the godmother. After many reassurances that there would be no way I would end up the sole caretaker of this human life even if a freak accident were to befall her and her husband (*knock on wood*) – and that this was merely a symbolic title and role – I nervously accepted.

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#44 Write someone a thank-you card for a kind act.

I am most definitely not a morning person. I roll out of bed at the last possible moment, inhale a pot of coffee, slap on some makeup, tie my hair up haphazardly, drag my dog outside for a quick walk and inevitably arrive at work 10 minutes late each day (#employeeoftheyear).

On this particular morning, I had every intention of arriving at work early (or at least on time) to greet my new manager. As I finished up a brisk walk with my dog, I absentmindedly opened up the garbage chute to throw out the poop bag I had been holding,

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#43 Be nice to the new kid.

When I was growing up, my parents thought it would be amusing to scar me during my formative years by making me switch schools three times. THREE TIMES. (Grade 1, Grade 5 and Grade 11.)

When I recently switched jobs, I felt the familiar trepidation in the pit of my stomach as I walked into my new office on the first day. Braces have been shed, acne has cleared and chicken legs have filled out – yet being the new kid still sucked.

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#41 Hide money at the dollar store.

I am going to begin this post by inserting a not-so humble brag. When I first submitted my Thought Catalog article I was excited at the possibility of being posted. As it currently stands, my article has been shared 368 times! I cannot even begin to describe how unbelievably awesome that feels. Thank you for all those who took the time to read and share. 

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#38 Run a boring errand for someone.

I am the queen of pointless to-do lists. Once I’ve transcribed all the tasks I’ve been avoiding for weeks (sometimes months) – paying bills, picking up dry cleaning, visiting the dentist etc. etc. – the list inevitably gets shoved to the bottom of my purse, never to see the light of day again.

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A brief interruption…

…in regular programming to share some scattered thoughts and life updates.

My favourite part of Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic is when she describes the phenomenon of ideas entering and exiting the human consciousness on a whim through the story of American poet Ruth Stone:

“She told me that when she was a child growing up on a farm in rural Virginia, she would be out working in the fields when she would sometimes hear a poem coming toward her – hear it rushing across the landscape at her, like a galloping horse. Whenever this happened, she knew exactly what she had to do next: She would “run like hell” toward the house, trying to stay ahead of the poem, hoping to get a piece of paper and a pencil fast enough to catch it.”

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